Ken McCarthy

Ken McCarthyRecently I interviewed Ken McCarthy, one of the foremost educators in the field of Internet Marketing.  He’s been pushing back the boundaries literally since the emergence of the Internet as a commercial medium.

Ken has not only trained hundreds of small business owners and bootstrap entrepreneurs, but gave many of the leading names in the field their grounding in the subject.

In this recording you’ll hear about:

  • The origins of Internet Commerce
  • How to improve your sales inexorably
  • Getting started with an Internet business
  • How to find out in a few hours whether your business idea has legs
  • A real-life story of a business selling driftwood off a beach
  • How to start with no more capital than the money in your checking account
  • Why some of the grandiose promises you hear are so much hot air
  • The most promising business model to get you started
  • The essential formula at the heart of every business success
  • Why most businesses have piles of money waiting to be picked up and they never know it
  • The true story of a Ju-Jitsu champion who went from zero to $10m per year online in four years
  • …and a valuable free bonus for you

Listen to the conversation here

Ken McCarthy Interview

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