The Freedom Course

What would your life be like if you could earn your living doing things you Love, and having your customers love you for it?


All my working life I’ve been running businesses of my own.  More important to me than the money is the freedom to choose how I structure my time, and the lifestyle that is available. I’ve always felt that everyone should have the opportunity to do that.

You can build a sound, satisfying, and sustainable business – uniquely matched to your talents and interests – that brings you a growing income.  From scratch, within 4 months.

Even the best business courses that I’ve found have been incomplete in one way or another, so I’ve designed my own.  It is perfect for you if, either:

  • You would like to break free from the tyranny of a job that provides neither wealth nor satisfaction, or
  • You are already running a business, and you want to take it to an exponentially higher level of growth and profitability.
charlotte.jpg“I am a teacher, not a sales person, not a web designer. For me a big stretch… During the course I learned masses about how to create and develop a web site, how to generate visitors and got to see I am an an expert in the field of dyslexia and its ok to charge for it.

My website now generates regular sales and I am inundated with work in schools and with dyslexic individuals. I only work 3 days a week and live from abundance. And at the same time I am making a difference to people who are affected by dyslexia all over the world.!”
Charlotte Mann

Update – since I wrote that last year, my consultancy has expanded to the point that it has allowed me to retire from my job and have a good income whilst doing very little work!
I am having a holiday in the Lakes right now and keep tabs on everything online.

I’ll explain below how I came to embark on the project, but first let’s look at what it can do for you…sem-class4

What makes this course different from other business training?

On this course, you will have Fun, you will Learn, you will Launch your own business, and you will Make a profit.

You will master a Powerful Arsenal of State-of-the-Art Internet Techniques that will skyrocket your success, whatever your business model or area of activity.

“It has been a year of great growth, gaining a profound understandingmarion on how a successful business uns. When I started the course my business skills were very limited. Coming from a mainly creative background I related to business language and numbers as being boring and dusty. During the year I got how simple it can be and I gained freedom around numbers to the extend that I am very excited about them now. This has given me access and clarity to see what works and what doesn’t work around my businesses. The Freedom course has been a vital structure for me to move my yoga and coaching businesses step by step forward and to actually commit to them.

Derek is a real stand for everyone to not just run a business that gives you financial freedom but most important to do something that truly inspires you. Derek has a way of simplifying and creating clarity around business and marketing matters. He has a real ‘no nonsense / down to earth’ approach which I appreciate a lot.

It’s been the catalyst for many great things in my life and many more to come.”
Marion Ancker

More detail in a moment, but these are the key points:

  • Rather than teaching you one specific business, I will give you a comprehensive education in the principles of Success in any Enterprise, so you can create something uniquely suited to you.
  • Rather than giving vague generalities, I will show you exactly how to implement each of the techniques I introduce.
  • Rather than overwhelming you with too much to assimilate in one go, I will deliver the material progressively – you will gain expertise by applying what you learn to your real-world projects, and then move on to learn more advanced techniques.
  • Rather than leaving you to sink or swim on your own, I will provide a support structure over a full 4-month period as you build a growing income stream to replace your current employment.

I’ve included every aspect of business that I wished I’d known about when I set out to work for myself, so you can save years of effort and accelerate your progress. While there are plenty of courses that cover one or other (or even several) of these topics, I know of none that deal with all of them.

mel.jpg“I really liked the team structure of the course and the up to date and detailed advice about internet business. I created a site I had been previously been ‘meaning to get around to’ for 5 years! I like the fact that he’s an inspirational, people-focused person, backed up with a solid body of knowledge and experience.
At the start of the course a year ago, Derek also helped me to get clear about what I really wanted in life and I really appreciate the honest and rigorous way he supported me.”


I’ve just revised the course structure.  The one we completed last year ran for a full 12 months and everyone was delighted with their results, but based on what I learned in presenting it and the feedback I got from participants, I’ve created an accelerated program that will get your business up and running in just 4 months.

This is the structure:

  • An inaugural full-day seminar
  • One month to get the basics of your business in place
  • followed by a  2 day workshop to learn more strategies and tactics, and create your plan
  • Three months support to follow your structured plan to develop the business
  • Concluding seminar to consolidate what you learned and set you up for the future
  • Apply what you learned in the seminars to develop your business progressively
  • Group-coaching teleconference calls at monthly intervals
  • Weekly communication with your mutual-support Groups
  • One-to-one Coaching from me when you need it.
  • Class size restricted to just 32 participants, to ensure personal attention.

As you progress through the course, you will create and develop a business which serves the lifestyle you are committed to. My intention is that – by the end of the course – this business will be bringing you steady profits and you will have clear and realistic strategies for expanding it progressively. This income stream will empower you to have more choice in the way you can spend your time. This is why I am calling it “The Freedom Course”.

seamus.jpg” Through Derek’s coaching and mentorship, I have created more than 12 websites that now receive tens of thousands of unique visits per week.” Seamus Ford Editor in Chief:

You will learn about over 32 different subject areas covering every aspect of setting up and operating your online business;

Read the Whole Syllabus of the Freedom Course here

The enterprise you create will fulfill simultaneously on these five levels:

  1. Provide you with an income consistent with the lifestyle you are committed to, including your long-term saving and investments, and the contribution you make to others.
  2. Give you an experience that is energising, exciting, satisfying and fulfilling .
  3. Deliver results for your customers that are consistent with your own values and principles.
  4. Provide you with a life of harmony, in all the areas that are important to you.
  5. Advance you towards your long-term Goals in Life.
nick“During the freedom course, I learned an invaluable wealth of information about marketing and setting up and running a small business.

Derek is a fabulous coach and has years of experience running businesses both online and off-line; since his course I have worked entirely for myself, living off my virtual assistant business and having the freedom to be my own boss and make my own hours!

The course gives you everything you need to set yourself free, the only thing you need to bring is passion and drive!”Nick Barr,

The agenda for the opening seminar:

The opening seminar is designed to give you everything you need to get up and running:

  • A clear perspective on the Lifestyle that you really want.
  • A grasp of Essential Business Fundamentals.
  • Key skills – creating a website; getting traffic; building a loyal email following; deriving an income from it; improvement by testing.
  • A group of colleagues to support you, and a group leader.

You will then spend the next month getting the basics in place:

  • Getting clarity on the business that expresses who you are, one that suits your temperament and your enthusiasms.
  • Finding out who your customers are, and how to reach them.
  • Choosing the business model that is right for you – will you be selling physical goods, or information; will you sell your own products or get commission from other merchants; will you run  a membership group; or will you carry advertising?
  • Choosing the right name for your website, registering the Domain Name, and getting a Web-Hosting account for it.
  • Setting up a Content Management System for it so that you can update the site yourself without being at the mercy of a webmaster
  • Getting one or two pages up on the site so you have a starting point to work from.
  • Setting up a system for building a list of interested prospective customers.

At the end of that month, you’ll come to the next workshop:

  • We’ll review everyone’s progress and clear up any difficulties.
  • We’ll review the topics from the opening seminar and add some further detail, building on the expertise you’ve developed so far.
  • You’ll learn more techniques now that you have the basics in place and something to work with.
  • You will create your first 3-month Plan for the start of your business. You’ll enter this plan into a simple document that will empower you to keep on track with the actions to take week by week.
  • You will form your support groups and choose your Group Leader for the quarter.  Group Leaders will have special opportunities for expanding their leadership skills, and will have an additional weekly coaching call with me.

Over the three months you’ll be supported in working your Plan

  • Each week, you’ll know what actions to take and what goals you are aiming for
  • You’ll have a weekly call with your group
  • There will be a monthly call with the entire team
  • Any time you are stuck, you can turn for support to your group leader, to other participants, or to me

At the end of the quarter, we’ll have a completion seminar to share and celebrate our results, to consolidate the learning, and to set you on the path to continuing success.

These are the results I promise to those who complete The Freedom Course:

  1. You will have created a business that is bringing you a growing income stream and is providing the foundation for the Lifestyle you have chosen.
  2. You will have expertise in the essential skills to promote any enterprise effectively on the internet .
  3. You will have a thorough practical understanding of the classic Direct Response Marketing practices that are the powerhouse of reliable business growth, in any market, under any circumstances.
  4. You will understand the core principles of Management and Organisation that will enable your business to run smoothly and grow painlessly.
  5. You will have learned to play to your own strengths and enthusiasms, and to delegate or outsource those activities that are best done by others.
  6. You will have identified and overcome those self-imposed constraints that have limited your success in the past, especially in the area of Wealth Creation.
sarah“When I started the course, I’d been completely stuck – not knowing which way to turn to get contracts that I’d enjoy, and that made the best use of my experience.  The skills I learned and the confidence I gained have had a lasting impact that carries on growing.

I had always wanted to work in Barbados, and I was able to overcome my self-doubt and approach the British High Commission to exhibit on their stand at the Trade Mission over there – and I’m going back to the next one in January.”
Sarah Bedell Aspirational Arts Partnerships

My Unique 3-level Guarantee:
The entire risk is borne by me, not you:

Guarantee #1: If, at the end of the initial workshop, you feel for any reason that the course is not for you, then you can discontinue at that point and pay just 20%  of the full tuition (ie just the initial deposit if you have chosen the instalment plan).  You will be free to take away everything you have learned and apply it as you wish.

Guarantee #2: If you take that option and still do not feel that you have received value for money, just tell me what you think the day’s content was worth ( even if that is zero!), and I’ll cheerfully refund you the difference.

Guarantee #3: If, on completion of the Course and having carried out the promised actions in your Plan, you are not making steady profits with a clear pathway for expanding them over time, I will continue providing you with support and coaching until you do reach that point.

Read the Whole Syllabus of the Freedom Course here

Bonus: Extra Tuition and Coaching – your course will literally start from the day you register.  I will give you personal support and guidance in laying the groundwork to give you the best possible preparation so that you make the most of it when you walk into that seminar on 21st January.