Adwords advice

A few years ago, there was very little competition on the Pay-per-Click search engines, and it was easy to throw up an ad, bid on a bunch of keywords and generate plenty of traffic at such low cost that you stood a good chance of coming out with a profit.

Now it’s a fiercely competitive arena, and click prices are much higher. It’s really easy to fire up a campaign and then turn around a few weeks later to find that you’ve spent a frightening amount of money. And if you don’t get certain things right, you’ll never generate the levels of profit that you could be making.

Almost all newcomers to Adwords make most of the following mistakes, if not all of them:

  • Not bothering to test alternative versions of each ad
  • Failing to segment the ads into different adgroups>
  • Failing to create landing pages specific to each adgroup
  • Leaving Google’s default settings for the campaign
  • Placing your entries too high on the page
  • Failing to make use of phrase match, exact match and negative keywords
  • Failing to track and optimise conversions
  • Not bothering with the ‘Display URL’

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