Is your website making you money or costing you money?

Your website is like a funnel – the only trouble is that it has leaks all over it.

The visitors to your website are like the wine poured into the top of the funnel – Your sales are the wine that comes out of the spout at the bottom.

Your leaky sales funnel

Your leaky sales funnel

In an ideal world you’d get everything that went in at the top coming out of the bottom.  All of your visitors would become customers.  Of course that doesn’t happen in the real world.  Your site is like a funnel that’s full of holes.  Only a tiny percentage of those visitors buy anything from you.  The rest of them depart never to be seen again.

The good news is that you can reliably expand the proportion of those visitors who become customers.  You can also increase the number of visitors who arrive at your site.  The profit you make is proportional to the product of the two.

Ken McCarthy coined the catchphrase “Traffic plus Conversion equals Profits”, but I prefer to say

Traffic times Conversion = Profits

…because that represents the way the maths really works.  If you get ten times more traffic and ten times better conversion, you won’t just make 20 times as much profit – you’ll make 100 times as much!

But is it a realistic expectation to get ten times improvement in each of these factors? You bet it is!  Unless you have already put a lot of focused systematic work into optimising everything about your site, there will be loads of scope for improvement.   I see many sites where the conversion rate is 0.3% or less.  If you got that up to 3%, it would still mean that 97% of the people who were interested enough to take a look left without buying anything!

Even better news is the fact that there is a scientific procedure that inevitably produces steady improvements of these figures every time you apply it.

It’s a fact of life that most visitors will not be ready to buy the first time they come.  So how can you nurture them over time until they are ready, and so that they trust you to be their supplier?  The secret is to give them useful information over time through an automated follow-up process.  The good news is that this is really easy to do with dirt-cheap internet services.  For many businesses, there is no likelihood at all of making a sale to a first-time visitor.  If you sell high-value personalised services such as consulting or coaching, they are unlikely to even pick up the phone to talk to you until they have learned to trust you and have become grateful for what you have already given them.

And every time you improve your conversion rate, you will get a bigger return on the money, time and effort you invest in getting more visitors.

The first step is to take stock of what your situation is right now:

  • How many visitors are you getting to your site?
  • Where are they coming from?
  • Which pages are they visiting, and how long are they staying?
  • What is your sales conversion rate?
  • What is your ‘Value per Visitor’?
  • Do you have an automated follow-up process?
  • If so, what is your opt-in rate?
  • What is the single most-desired action you want viewers to take on each of your pages?
  • What percentage of them take it?

If you don’t even know what some of those questions mean, much less what the answers are, don’t worry – I’ve prepared a free 7-day mini-course for you which explains it all simply and clearly.  The first lesson, that you can access immediately not only explains what all these terms mean and exactly how to get these answers, but it will also show you how to chart a course of action that leads to a step-by-step improvement in the profits your website brings you.

The rest of the course, delivered at daily intervals will go on to reveal the following:

  • The ‘Open Secret’ of Internet Success – traditional marketing magic with a 21st century twist
  • Core Copywriting techniques – making your most-desired response irresistible
  • Paid search or Free? – the advantages and disadvantages of each
  • Basics of Search Engine Optimisation – and why this helps for Paid as well as Free search
  • How to set up an Automated Email follow-up sequence – and some pitfalls to avoid
  • How to set up Tracking and Testing for guaranteed incremental improvement
  • The seven mistakes to avoid if you want your Pay-per-Click campaign to be profitable